[How to make pork ribs]_how to do_how to do


[How to make pork ribs]_how to do_how to do

Pork ribs are pig heads that are many of our common ingredients. The combination of them can also make a lot of delicious foods, and the nutrients in them are rich in protein and trace elements.

Pork ribs and crispy pork is a common dish, and it is also a dish that appears in many families.

There are still many techniques for making pork ribs, and sometimes the temperature of the crisps should be controlled properly.

Ingredients Ingredients: Pig pork ribs 500g, auxiliary ingredients: ginger, 80g, salt, cooking wine, peppercorn noodles, red glutinous starch, 250g, eggs, 2 corn oil, about 500 (actual consumption: 80) ml, salty flavor, frying process, hours, ordinary waste ribsCrispy Meat Steps Soak the pork chops in water for about half an hour, soak the bleeding water, and wash the ginger.

Ginger cut into small pieces, add some water, break and filter with a cooking machine.

Filter the ginger water and set aside.

After the ribs are soaked for half an hour, wash and drain water, add wine, salt, pepper noodles, ginger water, and marinate for at least half an hour.

Just marinate like this for half an hour.

There is no cooking machine to chop the ginger and marinate it directly.

Marinate the pork ribs into two eggs, and break into starch.

Add the right amount of salt to the starch.


If there is less starch, add starch, and if there is less water, add starch.

Add corn oil to the pan and simmer to 50% heat.

Just put the chopsticks down to make a small bubble, turn off the small fire.

Wrap the ribs with starch one by one into the pan.

Keep the fire low for a while.

After shaping, separate the crispy meat one by one with chopsticks (the oil temperature is low, and there will be some sticking when you lower the pan), and turn over a few minutes.

Fry for a total of about 20 to 30 minutes. The appearance is slightly yellow. Can the oil filter be started in the picture?
The above process fry all crispy meat.

After all the crispy meat is fried, turn on medium heat, and when the oil temperature rises to 70% to 80%, add all crispy meat and fry again.

Flip with a colander to heat evenly, fry for about one to two minutes, the surface of the crispy meat is golden, turn off the heat and cook.

The fried crispy meat has a very good color.

Can’t help but eat a piece, crispy outside and tender inside, Pashi?
You can get some pea tip soup tomorrow.

Tip 1. Ginger only removes the surface sediment, do not peel.

2. As far as possible, choose the small ribs at the front clamp to make the meat better.

3, you can also add whole pepper, but to control the amount, fried taste is better than adding pepper noodles.

4, do not use too much salt when pickling pork ribs, wait for a while to add salt to the starch, when you fry, you need to collect some moisture.

5, beer can also be used instead of water, fried crispy meat is more crispy and taste better.

6. The amount of starch is critical. If the amount of starch is too little, the water is too much and it is too clear, so it will not hang up.

7. Fry well and keep cool. Keep it sealed in the refrigerator freezer. When you want to eat, throw a few pieces into the soup pot, add ginger and boil the soup for a while. Cook the green leafy vegetables, season with salt, and add the onion, One word: Hong?
If it is radish, the cabbage head can be boiled with the pork ribs, the vegetables are cooked, and the crisps are almost boiled.

No need to put extra oil!

Can you eat a lot of fried meat once?