[Can yam bean liver be bad?]_ Liver is not good _ yam egg _ can you eat


[Can yam bean liver be bad?]_ Liver is not good _ yam egg _ can you eat

Yam bean is a special seed of yam. Its fruit shape is round, the outer skin is thin and the inside is like the diameter of yam.

The yam bean has high nutritional value, and can be used for various cooking. Its flavor does not lose the yam tuber.

However, yam beans are not easy to eat. For example, can yam bean liver be bad?

What are the taboos?

In addition to the good taste of yam beans, the nutritional content is also very rich, and moderate consumption has certain health effects.

But do you know that the edible taboos of yam beans are among them?

You must understand the contraindications before eating any food with therapeutic effects, so as to better eat healthy.

1. It is best not to eat yam bean from diabetic patients, otherwise the blood sugar of diabetes will have a certain effect.

2. When people with bad upstream conditions eat yam beans, don’t take alkaline drugs such as baking soda tablets at the same time, so that baking soda will not make amylase in yam beans ineffective.

3. Diosgenin in yam beans can synthesize hormones such as thyroid hormone and estrogen. Therefore, it is not suitable for men with prostate cancer and women with diabetes.

4. Yam beans are rich in vitamin C. Pig liver contains copper, iron, zinc and other metal trace elements. When vitamin C meets metal ions, it will be oxidized and destroyed, which reduces the nutritional value. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat yam beans after eating pig liver.

Can the skin of yam beans be eaten? Can the skin of yam beans be eaten, but it is important to wash them.

If you do n’t want to eat the skin, bite your teeth while cooking the cooked yam beans, and squeeze with your fingers to squeeze the skin. It is also very convenient to peel after cooking.

Yam bean is a low-speed food that has special health effects on the human body. It can prevent trace deposition of the cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent premature atherosclerosis, reduce the deposition of subcutaneous stool, and avoid obesity.

It is a kind of slimming food like yam, and the skin of yam bean also has certain nutritional value.