[Mooncake Quick Oil Recovery Tips]_How to do_How to do


[Mooncake Quick Oil Recovery Tips]_How to do_How to do

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone will buy some moon cakes to suit the scene.

In the South, many people are used to Cantonese moon cakes.

So if friends in the south spend the festival in the north, they will make some moon cakes for themselves.

Making Cantonese-style moon cakes is very simple, but many friends do not know that Cantonese-style moon cakes need oil back, so the finished products are often not ideal.

So, what’s the secret of moon cake quick oil return?

Why Cantonese mooncakes return to oil? In Cantonese mooncakes, oil is added when kneading the mooncake skin, and raw materials such as syrup and low-gluten flour are stirred to form a temporary emulsification system. After the mooncake skin is baked, the moisture content of the skin is very high.Low, about 5%, but the moisture content of the filling is still relatively high, usually around 20%; in this way, the moisture in the filling will migrate to the skin during the moon cake placement process, and the dried cake skin will absorb enoughAfter the moisture content, the original emulsification system will be destroyed due to the incompatibility of water and oil, and the oil will naturally permeate. The impression is that the cake is relatively soft, oily, shiny, and transparent, that is, “oil return””.

At this time, the taste of moon cake will be the best.

The oil return phenomenon takes 3-5 days to complete.

In addition, the speed of oil return has a lot to do with the conversion effect of syrup.

How the Cantonese moon cakes return to oil quickly depends on the quality of the converted syrup. The quality standards of the converted syrup are the conversion rate and concentration.

The high-quality syrup will soften the next day after the moon cakes are baked, which is why we see that the price of a certain brand of converted syrup is caused by the general price of converted syrup.

Basically, whether the ingredients of the crust are reasonable. Generally, the longer amount of oil on the moon cake crust should be coordinated with the amount of syrup. Too much syrup, too little oil, and the gloss of the crust are not good. Too little syrup, too much oil, and the crust will return.Soft slow.
Finally, it is related to the hardness of the mooncake filling and its oil content.

Cantonese moon cakes are characterized by a thin skin and thick filling, which is the main factor that helps soften.

If the filling has a small amount of water or oil, or the skin is very thick and the filling is small, the moon cake will soften slowly.

Of course, the speed of oil return is also related to temperature. The faster the built-in molecules move, the faster the oil return speed is.

After the Cantonese Mooncake’s oil return period, the crust of the Cantonese Mooncake after baking is very low, about 5%, it’s dry, and of course it won’t look good.

However, after two or three days, the moon cake will become soft, oily and bright, and this process is called “oil return” in jargon.

The moisture content of mooncake fillings is relatively high, usually around 20%. In this way, the moisture in the fillings will migrate to the skin during the placement of the mooncakes. After the sufficient moisture is absorbed by the dried cake skin,Without compatibility, the original emulsification system will be destroyed, and the oil will naturally expand its penetration, giving the impression that the cake is relatively oily, shiny and transparent.

In the process of returning oil, the key role is to swill water, transform syrup and peanut oil.

Inverted syrup is a substance with good water absorption, which will make the crust soft by absorbing the moisture in the filling.

The moon cake will present a certain color to the moon cake, and the higher the alkali concentration in the moon cake, the darker the color of the moon cake skin.

Finally, peanut oil returns to the surface of the moon cake under the influence of substances such as syrup and moisture, so that the moon cake is moist and transparent.

Therefore, the mooncakes that have just been put on the market are not good-looking, not because of the lack of additives, but because the time is too short to return to the oil. After a few days, you can see them again, and the mooncakes will become beautiful.

It is not reliable to buy moon cakes according to the appearance of Ugly Jun.